Jody Slater has achieved a lot in her life. Right now you she is getting out of everything.
„Real life, real feelings, out of a fake life „- as she says. Jody Slater is a successful chef from the USA and she has worked with chef Paul Prudhomme and has a lot of followers on Instagram.
Together we cooked at the Boathouse of the Torridon Estate.
In the middle of the rain, hot fire in the rocks on the beach, all with a Dutch Oven. Local vegetables: potatoes, onions, carrots, beans, home-made lamb fillets, spices – ready.
This is pure and real cooking and it seems so easy to have.
A glass of wine. Jody, that was delicious! Thanks and have fun looking for the real life.
Chef: Jody Slater
Assistant: Aline
& Telse Sieg
Photographer: Dieter Sieg
Dieter Sieg auf Behance